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My first Chinese movie "Bazi 八字"

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Bazi is my first Chinese Movie with Gao XiXi 高希希 director for 70th year anniversary of the Communist party will be on screen on June 21th, 2019 in China.

Most of the shooting were ARRI raw, mini, prores444, R3D and also the GoPro for drone shot.

The director wants to kept the smoke and dusty and also the very difficult war life time. I designed many style of the colour and then final of this colour tone.

Such a nice experience of a Thai freelance colourist having an opportunity to work on Chinese's jobs. The production was very good and also the post production facilities is very nice and standard and also team work at CITIC Guoan New Bridge company are so perfect!

Trailer is at the link below:

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